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Synchrony Financial at Stylehouse Furnishings


Progressive at Stylehouse Furnishings

Fair Furniture Financing to Enjoy Your Purchase Now & Build Credit

We base our furniture financing on the understanding that we’ve all had bad breaks and can use some help. That’s why at Style House Furnishings, you never have to fear purchasing the furniture and mattresses you KNOW you need just because you’ve had problems with credit. Thanks to our working with Synchrony and Progressive Leasing, not only will you have your new furniture to enjoy NOW. You’re also building or restoring a good credit history, very valuable for you in the long run and not just for furniture purchases from us.

Use Furniture Financing Through Synchrony to Build Credit

When you go with Synchrony for your furniture financing, you’re getting far more than “buy now, pay later.” Sure, you get your in-stock new furniture within the week once you’re approved, which is easy and fast. You also get a dedicated credit line, promotional offers, and ZERO annual fee! Choose payment plans ranging from 6 months to 18 months. Your new Synchrony credit is also valid at other home-goods stores. Better still, you are building your future thanks to establishing a good credit history.

Rent to Own with Furniture Financing Through Progressive Leasing

If you have bad or no credit, furniture financing is STILL an option thanks to our friends at Progressive Leasing! With this option, your credit score does not matter, as credit is NOT required. Progressive Leasing determines approval based on customers’ bank information. You must have a bank account open for 6 months or longer and be in good standing and it’s an INSTANT approval. Progressive offers flexible payments, a 90-day payment option, early buyout options, and a 12-month max lease. BUY IT TODAY; TAKE IT TODAY. There is a low initial payment of $54.00 but it goes towards the remaining balance. Payments are debited from checking account per pay periods. To begin the application process all you need to have to apply are your Social Security or ITIN number, an official government ID or driver’s license, a debit card associated to your bank account, your bank’s routing number and your account number. Again, because your payments are being reported to credit bureaus, you too are building credit.

Thanks to fair furniture financing from our Nipomo, CA store, people’s home-design dreams come true every day. Become one of these success stories with us.

Financing & Leasing